Sassy Baby Toy Gallery

Sassy developmental baby products contain important features for baby's developing senses. These include high-contrast patterns, bright colors, symmetry, multiple textures, specific color language, product proportions, various sounds, age-appropriate materials and innovative functional features. All have been thoughtfully designed into Sassy products to help parents in caring for and fostering baby's development. 

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6+ Months

wonder wheel sensation station fishy fascination stack n dunk teethe & twirl
Phone of My Own Pop and Push Car Illumination Station Sensation Station shake rattle beads

9+ Months

80515 Farm Yard Friends 80522 Vehicle Blocks Play Mat 80516 Zoo Friends 80520 Deluxe 40pc Blocks Set Super Teeter Toddlers

12+ Months

80505 Dump Truck 5pc Set 80519 Zooming Train Set 80506 Race Car 6pc Set 83043 - Roll Along Vehicles Teeter Toddlers