Sassy Grow Up Cup™

So New & Different, You Just Have to Try It!

The Sassy Grow Up Cup™ isn't just evolutionary, it's revolutionarywith a patent-pending 360° design that lets your baby or toddler sip from anywhere around the rim with ease. That encourages the kind of muscle coordination that helps children move up to an open cup.



  • Revolutionary 360° design - sip 360° around the rim with no spout or straw!
  • Helps toddlers transition to an open cup
  • Available in 7 oz., 9 oz. and 12 oz. sizes
    • Both the 7 oz. and 12 oz. sizes are available in a single pack
    • 9 oz. cup is available in convenient double packs
  • Easy grip handles (sold with 7 oz. cups) can be removed and used with each cup size
  • Pediatric dentist preferred over spouted cup
  • Patent pending



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