Developmental Features of Sassy Toys

Sassy developmental baby products are designed to help build a solid foundation for lifelong learning by fostering development and stimulating the brain. Years of research, expert consultation and testing have led us to create product features that stimulate baby’s senses and emerging emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills.

Those features include:

  • high contrast patterns,
  • bright colors,
  • symmetry,
  • multiple textures,
  • specific color language,
  • product proportions,
  • soothing, rhythmic and musical sounds,
  • age appropriate materials, and
  • innovative functional features

Each of our Sassy toys implements tools for your growing baby. These "inspire the senses" and encourage development of key skills.

Character Faces: Character faces are symmetrical and bold. Babies and young children respond best to organized images. Babies perceive faces with winking eyes and off-center mouths as disorganized and disturbing. These images are met with internal agitation.

High Contrast Colors, including Black and White: At birth, babies cannot focus well enough to distinguish colors. As the eyes mature, high contrasts are the first points of focus. Black and white is the highest form of contrast, followed by bold rich colors with whites and then colors that are juxtaposed on the color wheel.

Patterns: Bold, organized patterns are the most calming for young babies. A simple, bold pattern allows baby to focus attention and organize his thoughts. Staring at bold patterns is actually beneficial for young babies because this activity helps them better organize.

Realism:  Household objects, animals, humans and images from nature are all real elements of the world around a new baby. Because they help baby identify her surroundings, they are the best objects to include on baby's toys and in her books. It is also beneficial to provide images of objects that afford caregivers the opportunity to communicate with baby. Conversation is probably the single most important thing adults can do with a baby (after love) as it helps develop the brain in a variety of ways prior to 2 years of age.

Simplification:  Less is more, particularly in toys designed for young babies and children. Offering just the right amount of challenge to a developing infant is critically important. Babies can easily become frustrated with too much stimulus and in the end, reject an entire toy because it is too difficult or overwhelming. Toys which focus on ONE thing at a time offer the best stimulation for a young baby.

Variety:  While less is more on any given toy or object designed for a young baby, variety is just as important because young babies get bored quickly; despite this short attention span, babies have a tremendous capacity to learn. Offering a variety of experiences—one at a time—provides the best stimulus for a developing infant.

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