Gear: Moving the Sassy Way

The high-contrast colors, bold patterns and fun textures of the Sassy Inspire the Senses™ Gear Collection are sure to delight moms and babies. All toys are designed to help develop one or more of baby's senses - hearing, touch, vision, and taste.

To say the least, babies seem pretty transparent. They fuss when they're uncomfortable, sleep when they're tired and, well, that's about it, especially when they're newborns. 

Meaning, baby not only learns by verbal skills, but also by doing, which is why gear and the slight movements of baby help develop the necessary skills to grow and develop baby's senses and common movement. When baby is a newborn, prepare you for your child's emotional and social growth, language developmental and thinking skills. According to Dr. Daniel Kessler, of the Children's Center of St. Joesph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, "Children seem to be more interested in fulfilling one accomplishment and taking it to its limit before spending a lot of mental energy on some other aspect of development," says Kessler. "That's certainly not a reason to stop feeding their brains with language."


As in other areas of development, baby plays  through stages of moving. In reality, babies are much more complicated than they seem. According to the experts, and Dr. Kessler, the best thing you can do in these early months is simply get to know your baby and his or her unique temperament, and give her all the love, closeness and attention you can. Find out what baby likes, how baby moves and what she is attracted to, in order to find the best gear items around for baby. 


3+ Months:

Sassy Gear during this milestone in baby's life are pinpointed to the simple fact that baby is 
growing and we are too, with baby. We have created a variety of products that will fit baby's every growing needs. Baby's hand-eye coordination is improving, and you'll notice baby closely tracking objects that interest him or her and focusing intently on faces. Because of this, we have designed our products with a team of experts who study baby's needs and desires at every age and milestone. Our Cuddle Bug™ Bouncers, Inspire the Senses™ Bouncearound, and our Sassy Seat™ Doorway Jumper are perfect for this age...just take a look and have baby give it a try!

6+ Months:

Integrate play into everything you do with baby. Experts say Give her lots of opportunities to strengthen her new physical skills by helping her sit and positioning her to play on both her stomach and back. You can also provide a variety of age-appropriate toys and household objects for baby to explore; Sassy has lots of toys added onto our gear! Look for our Inspire the Senses™ Walker in this milestone age! Baby will begin walking in no time!  

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