Feeding: The Sassy Learning Experience

Eating is not an instinctive action. Just watch baby push the food out of his mouth as fast as a parent spoons it in.

In fact, according to developmental experts, eating is the most complex physical task in which humans engage! All of the body’s organ systems are involved: the brain, the heart, vascular, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic systems, the entire GI tract and all the muscles in the body.

Our little customers put so much effort into learning to eat: We owe it to them to put equal effort into the development of the feeding products they use. We worked with infant development specialists to create products that stimulate the senses and provide a calm dining experience. We enlisted the expertise of occupational therapists to ensure the proper ergonomics, grip, size, shape and motor skills necessary for each age, and we worked with speech pathologists to promote the correct use of oral muscles to foster proper eating and speaking.


As in other areas of development, baby moves through stages of feeding.

4 months:  Baby enters a time of Discovery with the start of caregiver feeding of solids. The first solid foods elicit new sensations, tastes and experiences.

Sassy products for this stage are designed to make feeding simple, minimizing caregiver frustration. Keeping everything relaxed and easy encourages baby to sample a variety of new foods, textures, tastes and smells, which enhance cognitive development. Sassy feeding products for the Discovery stage include easy-to-grip bowls and feeding spoons that fit comfortably in the caregiver’s hands, while being gentle on baby’s gums and mouth during this transition from bottle to spoon.

6 months: As baby begins to sit up, he enters the stage of Independence, learning to self-feed. Baby transitions from using the whole hand to finger feeding. This sense of independence leads to cognitive learning as baby eats and experiments with cause-and-effect, learns about object permanence and begins decision making. Sassy products for this age feature suction cups and non-skid bases to keep food in baby’s reach; bowls and spoons that are sized for baby’s grip and mouth and innovative features that help baby get food successfully from plate or bowl to mouth for a feeling of triumph.

As baby begins to perfect eating skills, she gains confidence. Baby is imitating parents and caregivers, learning to use utensils at meals. Building confidence encourages baby’s ability to learn, adapt and develop.

Sassy feeding products contribute to baby’s confidence with features that keep bowls from skidding off the high chair tray; utensils shaped to make getting the food from bowl to mouth easier; and by offering plates and bowls with compartments to help baby keep things organized physically and mentally.

Good Design/Safe Materials

All new Sassy feeding products are made from BPA-free plastic for durability with fresh style and safety. From the stage of Discovery to Independence, ergonomic designs and new features make every stage of feeding a joy for parents and their children. Bright colors and modern shapes give these feeding products up-to-the-minute designer looks. High-contrast colors and patterns match baby’s visual development.

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