Bath Toys as Good, Clean Fun!

Sassy bath toys are making a splash! They have been designed with the help of child development experts to fit baby’s developing sensory perception, motor skills and creativity. Just like the developmental toy line, Sassy bath toys are designed to fit every age and stage as baby grows and develops.

Child development experts agree that certain elements are critical for an effective developmental toy. You’ll find them throughout the Sassy bath toy line:

  • Character faces: They are symmetrical, bold and organized. Babies and young children respond best to organized images.
  • Variety: Babies have a tremendous capacity to learn; therefore, it is important to offer variety in the toys and the experiences they provide.
  • Realism: Toys that reflect the real world help baby make sense of the world around her. They open the way for conversations between baby and caregiver, which expose baby to new vocabulary.

Here’s how the good, clean fun develops with baby:

Newborn to 6 Months: A very young baby is acutely sensitive to her surroundings, using and coordinating the senses as she becomes familiar and comfortable with water in the Introduction stage. Sassy bath toys, designed for these early bath experiences, focus on softness, texture and warmth.

6 months: This is the time when most infants are beginning to sit up. We call it the stage of Exploration. Babies this age are fascinated by water play. “What happens when I scoop, pour or strain water?” Bath time is an endless set of experiments. It is also a time to practice fine motor movements. At this stage, Sassy bath toys are easy to grasp and designed to encourage cause-and-effect experiments.

9 months: Around this time, baby enters the stage of Imagination. Now comfortable with the water, baby’s creativity and imagination come alive in the bath. Sassy bath toys for this stage encourage role-play, interaction and imagination.

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