Learn About Sassy Baby Care

Little babies take lots of gear to keep them clean, entertained, groomed and comfortable. Sassy has products to clip, snip, organize, aspirate, soothe, etc.

Like our other products, these items were designed with the help of child development experts to stimulate the senses. You’ll find the same high-contrast geometric patterns, symmetrical faces and bright colors that you see throughout the rest of the line.

Nasal Aspirator

Sassy brings a sense of style to the Nasal Aspirator with our bright sassy blue color to complement contemporary décor.  The lovable elephant character helps baby breathe easier by relieving congestion! Instant storage is available as the aspirator is small, and fits in your hand. The soft-tip nose is easy to use and clean, readily available for next time use! See the entire Care line.

Baby Care/Grooming

Sassy has stylish products to clip tiny finger and toe nails, aspirate runny noses, tame fly-away locks, soothe boo-boos and keep cloth diapers in place. See the entire product line.


It’s a fact: Little babies make big messes! Sassy can help you keep them clean and tidy and free from germs with our new disposables. We have convenient disposable bibs, diaper sacks, changing pads and a handy diaper sack dispenser to use at home and on the road. You can take comfort knowing that you are protecting baby from dirty surfaces, keeping baby clean during meals and keeping baby’s messes from bothering others with these convenient disposable products.