Baby Development at 0+ Months

Newborn – 2 months

Vision:  Distance vision is blurry.  However, the ability to distinguish light from dark and close vision is reasonably good.  Babies at this age have trouble maintaining focus.  Babies prefer organized, symmetrical faces, which provide them with a sense of calm.  Often, new parents will notice that their babies' eyes look crossed.  This is due to underdeveloped eye muscles.  Babies at this age can only see reds, oranges and greens.

Hearing:  All babies should have their hearing tested at birth.  Science previously believed that 2 years of age was the optimum time for the first hearing test, but today we know that newborns can discriminate between volume, pitch, tone, and ascending and descending tones.  Newborns prefer human voice over mechanical voice and female over male voices.  It is known that babies can hear while still in the womb and as such, soothing sounds reminiscent of the womb are calming to newborns.

Touch:  A newborns tactile sense is very well developed, particularly in the mouth.  They can distinguish between hard, soft, hot cold, rough and smooth.  Newborns notice pressure, breezes, air temperature and contact with clothing.

Smell and Taste:  A 2-week-old baby can identify its mother’s smell and can differentiate between sweet, sour and bitter tastes, with a noticeable preference for sweet.  Babies of this age cannot, however, taste salt until at least about 4 months of age.