Baby Development at 9+ Months

6 to 12 Months

  Vision is quite well developed and a fine distinction can be made between hues.  Babies of this age still prefer bright colors and also enjoy photographs, pictures of humans and recognizable people to them.

Hearing:  At this age not only intonation is distinguishable but also words in a sentence.  Babies will begin to try to reproduce word sounds that the hear.  Great pleasure is derived from hearing their own noises and music stimulates this age to move their body.

Touch:  Everything goes in the mouth!  Baby has progressed from “reflex” touch to deliberate reach and touch movements.

Smell and Taste:  At this age a babies diet changes from just formula and or breast milk to real foods.  New textures and flavors and smells are introduced to a baby on a continuous basis during these 6 months.  Wow what a lot of learning taking place.