Baby Development at 8 Months

Physical:  Baby is crawling and may be crawling toward furniture to pull herself up to a standing position.  Baby can feed himself with hands and finger foods.  Baby loves to hold onto two objects - one in each hand.  Vision is almost fully developed.

Cognitive:  Baby realizes the difference in size of objects and begins to understand the use of objects.  For example:  juice comes from a sippy cup.

Social/Emotional:  Baby no longer simply accepts food.  He turns his head away to reject food he does not want.  Baby begins multi-syllabic babbling to interact with adults, such as baba, dada or mama.

What You Can Do:
  • Musical toys, toys with buttons and sounds, and toys with which baby can interact are most intriguing at this age.
  • Baby is beginning to understand that he can make things happen in his environment.
  • Small, motor skills are developing now.  Toys with small buttons, ribbons, tags and knots are intriguing to baby.