Baby Development at 7 Months

Vision:  Baby reaches for and pats mirror image.  Depth perception is fairly developed at 7 months and baby can discern shadows.

Touch:  Baby is able to sit up and shake and bang toys!  Baby also spends more time exploring her own self with her hands and mouth.  For example, baby will put her feet in her mouth at this age.

Hearing/Communication:  Baby responds to changes in her world.  Loud noises, soft music, bright lights and darkened rooms all have an impact on baby.

After about 6-7 months, baby’s development rapidly expands.  His senses are developed to a point where milestones change to Physical, Cognitive and Social/Emotional.  While these are developing from birth, they are really the key milestones from 6 months on out.

By seven months of age, most babies can sit up without support.  This skill follows earlier "practice" when baby sat propped up with pillows, which helped develop strength and coordination necessary for sitting alone. 

What You Can Do:
  • Baby is most likely teething at this age.  Offer his favorite teethers and stock up on new ones, particularly teethers with water-filled sections.
  • Keep 3-4 water-filled teethers on hand; a few in the refrigerator for cooling while others may be with baby.
  • Consider a vibrating teether.  The best vibrating teethers are activated by baby’s interaction with the teether (when she bites down on the teether, it vibrates).  Developmentally, a vibrating teether will provide feedback to baby and will foster the concept of cause-and-effect.  This will help teach baby that she is capable of controlling her environment.