Baby Development at 6 Months

Vision:  Baby is now able to discriminate between his parents and strangers and may display “stranger anxiety.”  Baby is intrigued by human faces and will imitate expressions continuously at this age.

Touch:  Baby is able to hold his own bottle and may begin drinking from a cup now.  Baby will move objects from hand to hand with ease, roll over and begin to sit up.

Hearing/Communication:  Baby is beginning to babble.

What You Can Do:
  • Play ball with baby.  Select a ball with a variety of colors, patterns and textures to explore.
  • Encourage baby to explore the ball; hold it, drop it and roll it.
  • Provide baby with an empty box into which he can drop the ball.  Show baby how to retrieve the ball from the box by tipping the box over.
  • Repeat this game with baby; she is learning important skills necessary for sorting, stacking and building a tower!