Baby Development at 5 Months

Vision:  At 5 months, baby interacts with a mirror image rather than just staring at it.  Baby may attempt to touch the “other baby.”  Depth perception is beginning to emerge as baby’s eyes develop and color shades or hues are becoming apparent.

Touch:  Baby can now transfer an object from hand to hand and bring to mouth.  Teething may begin.

Hearing/Communication:  Baby’s hearing is well developed by 5 months of age and she is responding to her environment by imitating sounds and making “raspberries.”  Baby is beginning to “flex” her newly discovered communication abilities.

What You Can Do:

  • Put baby on floor or in crib and show baby a large, safety mirror.  Be sure the mirror is smooth and has a true reflection quality (no fun house mirrors).  Look for a mirror that has engaging activities on the frame including bright colors, ribbons, plastic activities and high contrasts.
  • Encourage baby to look in the mirror.  Baby will see a baby reflecting back.  Point to the baby in the mirror.  Engage in conversation about the baby in the mirror.  "Where are baby’s eyes, hair, nose and mouth?”
  • Encourage baby to reach out and touch the mirror or interact with activities on the mirror.