Baby Development at 4 Months

As baby develop, he moves from Sensory development to Perceptual development.  What we mean by this is that a baby, from birth to about 4-6 months, is developing the primary senses.  At about 4 months that baby can begin to use those Primary senses (Vision, Hearing, Touch, and Taste) to learn about the world.  We move from Senses to Perceptions.

To reflect this change in development, Sassy products age graded 0+ months are called out with the words INSPIRE Vision, INSPIRE Touch, INSPIRE Hearing.  Products age graded 3+ and 6+ months denote the area of development encouraged with the phrases INSPIRE Imagination, INSPIRE Exploration, INSPIRE Fascination and INSPIRE Communication.

Vision:  Baby can now detect all the colors of the spectrum, blue is the last color baby can see.

Touch:  Baby will reach and grab objects, bringing them to his mouth.  Baby learns a great deal about an object by “feeling” it with his mouth because it has more sensory receptors than any other part of the body.  Baby will hold an object for an indefinite period of time at this age.

Hearing:  Baby will intently listen to other human voices.  When baby is being spoken to, she will be silent until the voice stops, then baby will babble a response.

What You Can Do:
  • Offer baby rattles and teethers or soft toys with crinkle paper and a variety of textures to explore with hands and mouth.  Physical development starts from head to toe.
  • Baby will explore textures on rattles, teethers and toys. Baby is learning about differences in texture, hard, soft, temperature, etc.
  • Talk to baby to encourage back and forth communication.
  • Offer lots of different teethers for baby to explore by mouth.