Baby Development at 3 Months

Vision:  Baby is now able to follow an object with his eyes to 180°, as far as his head turns.  Baby’s focus has improved and he is able to see at greater distances now.  More colors continue to become visible.  Eye contact with others begins and baby will begin to mimic facial expressions.

Touch:  Baby will deliberately reach for objects at 3 months of age and is developing head and neck control.  Baby may begin rolling from side to side at this age as well.

Hearing:  Baby enjoys listening to music.  Baby may become distracted by noises in the environment at 3 months.

Taste:  Visible communication skills are beginning to emerge.  Baby may be heard making an ahh sound deliberately.  Baby will vary her cries and her cries begin to have meaning.

What You Can Do:
  • With close supervision, use a tummy time mat or playmat on the floor.  Place a colorful toy or a toy that makes an interesting sound in front of baby to encourage him to lift his head.  This exercise time helps baby build neck and shoulder strength.
  • Keep tummy time sessions brief if baby is fussy, but continue to repeat daily.
  • Allow baby to grasp your finger or reach to touch your face.  Baby is learning about you and himself through this interaction.