Baby Development at 2 Months

Vision:  By 2 months baby can track objects with her eyes, following movement. In addition to colors in the red spectrum, baby can now see the color green.

Touch:  Arms and legs are now extending further and although is still poorly coordinated, baby can reach out.

Hearing:  At 2 months, baby can respond to sounds and is beginning to make gurgle noises of her own. Baby will respond best to mother’s voice. 

Smell:  Smell is the most developed sense at birth and baby continues to use this advanced sense to root out food when hungry.

What You Can Do:
  • Keep talking to baby and describe things you see.  Baby will develop his communication skills by listening to the sound, tone and inflection of your conversation.
  • Hold baby facing outward, so baby can see things in her environment.  Walk baby to objects and describe what you are seeing and feeling.
  • Offer a toy with high contrast and red colors.  Baby is better able to distinguish this coloration at this age.
  • Place a developmental mobile in baby’s crib, one with high contrasts, mirror surfaces and bold colors.  You may or may not turn on the music.  Take a cue from baby whether he prefers music, noise or a quiet time.
  • We found a great website sponsored by the Erikson Institute in Chicago, called The Fussy Baby at that you can turn to if you feel you have an excessively fussy baby.