Baby Development at 1 Month

Vision:  From Birth to 1 month of age babies are very nearsighted; only able to detect objects between 8-12 inches from their faces.  At this age, baby is poorly adept at visual tracking, or following an object with the eyes.  Baby is unable to see colors, with the exception of red.

Touch:  Baby will grasp an object placed directly in the palm of the hand.

Taste:  Baby will latch on to objects placed in the mouth.  This is an inborn reflex which is a survival technique.

Hearing:  Baby is easily startled by noises in the environment.  A one-month-old prefers the sound of female voices.

For the first 7 months of development we focus on developing the senses, moving from senses to perceptions around 4 months of age. 

At 8 months we move to more broad terms of development and focus on Physical, Cognitive and Social/Emotional development milestones.

What You Can Do:
  • Talk to your baby.  Tell him/her everything that you are doing.
  • Offer baby a high contrast toy.  Baby may grasp and hold on tightly for a few minutes.
  • Hold, rock and cuddle baby.  Babies love to be touched and held.