About Sassy Baby Products

Our Commitment

At Sassy we are dedicated to be the brand of products parents can trust for their developing babies. We have a strong commitment to:

  • providing premium quality,
  • implementing innovative design,
  • having credible purpose in our products,
  • using focused coloration, and
  • making Sassy products the choice for your developing baby.


Our History

The birth of Sassy, Inc. took place in 1982 with the purchase of the Sassy Seat Company of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sassy initially had headquarters in Northbrook, IL and a manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI.

 During the 1980’s, Sassy expanded through acquisitions that enhanced the image and sales of the company as a viable force in the juvenile products industry. The product line expanded to include an infant bouncer seat, feeding and nursing items.

 In 1996, Sassy launched a line of unique toys created in partnership with developmental experts. Sassy’s unique approach focused on stimulating four specific developmental areas during baby’s first year of life. This approach, along with insightful designs, bright colors, and superior quality stood out in the infant toy category and the toys became a fast favorite with parents and babies.