80241 Feed em' Up Fill n' Dump


Inspire Creative Play

Age: 3+ months

  • Fine motor manipluation is encouraged by filling the bag up and dumping it out
  • Soft construction for safe interactive play
  • Clear front so baby can see the items inside
  • Bright colors designed to be easy for baby to differentiate
  • Rattle, squeaker, chime and crinkle helps develop fine motor skills, simple reasoning, cause and effect
  • Carry around handle easy for on-the-go fun


Developmental Insight

At 3+ months, babies are able to move hand to midline of body, turn head to source of sound, enjoy bright colors.


Interaction Idea

Babies learn through play and begin this process right from birth. Providing baby and young child with safe open-ended toys allows him to use his imagination. Play should be designed to be free form and directed by baby. Watch as baby interacts with the fill em' up. Place the soft shapes inside the bag character, show baby what you are doing and ask her "where did they go?". Show her how to dump the pieces out. Soon baby will try this on her own. Makeup other games and interactions with all of the pieces, this is how baby will learn about the world and learn to solve problems! Enjoy watching baby grow!

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