80224 Inspire the Senses™ Developmental Playmat

Inspire the Senses

Age: 0+ months

  • 15 activities for interactive play including: mirror, music, teether, textures, chime, rattle, clacking and more!
  • Unique three leg arch system offers great stability and more room to get baby in and out
  • Contains crinkle, peek-a-boo flap and mirror on mat surface
  • Machine washable playmat with high-contrast patterns develops visual skills


Developmental Insight

Gross motor skills develop from head to toe during the first year of life. From head and neck control, to sitting, crawling, and ultimately, walking. Fine motor skills develop in order of: limbs, hands, multiple fingers, and single fingers, ending in thumb and forefinger interaction. Motor skill development is related to mental development. Particularly in infancy, motor skills are a critical tool for learning about social and physical environments prior to the emergence of language skills.


Interaction Ideas

  1. The Arch Structure - Designed to make access easy. Gently lay baby on her back under the arches. Allow baby some time to focus on the hanging toys. This helps develop baby's eye muscles and enourages focus.
  2. Removeable Mirror - Show baby the mirror and slowly turn it. This buildes eye coordination and tracking skills.
  3. Clackers - Gently shake the clack shapes to cause sound. Watch as baby turns his attention to the source of the sound. Helps baby develop important sound location skills.
  4. Bird Chime - Hold onto the bird chime and shake to cause sound, watch as baby turns her attention to this new sound. Helps baby develop sound differentiation skills.
  5. Textured Teether - Place the textured teether in baby's hand so he can feel the variety of textures. This activity will expose baby to a variety of textures that he can explore with both his hands and mouth.
  6. Bug Rattle - Hold the bug rattle and shake to cause rattling sound, watch as baby turns his attention to this different sound. Helps baby develop sound differentiation skills.
  7. Song Bird - Gently press the center of the musical bug, wait a few seconds as baby locates this new sound. This activity will help baby with differentiation, location and sense of melody skills.
  8. Mirror - Locate the mirror about 8" in front of baby's face. Allow time for baby to focus on her reflection. Helps baby focus and establishes first sense of self by exposure to her own reflection.
  9. Tummy Bolster - At about 2 months of age, baby can be placed on tummy with bolster postioned under chest. Helps baby develop important upper body muscles and control.
  10. Peek-a-Boo Flap - While baby is doing tummy time, flip open the peek-a-boo flap on the mat to reveal the surprise printed under the flap. Talk to baby about the surprise below. Engages interaction.
  11. Peek-a-Boo Flap on Mat - The flap is filled with crinkle material, help guide baby's hand to grasp the flap and feel the crinkle and hear the sound it makes. Helps develop touch.
  12. Mirror on Mat - While baby is on tummy, position her so she can see the mirror on the mat. The shiny reflection of the mirror will attract attention and help focus her eyes on the mirror object.
  13. Hanging Toys - While baby is focused on tummy time actvities, remove the toys from the arches and place on the loops of the mat, show each toy to baby during tummy time. Tummy time is a very important activity for young babies to develop hand and neck control and core strength.
  14. Musical Bug Toy - Place the soft musical bug toy in baby's hand. As baby grasps the toy, help press the button to activate the music. Helps baby discover cause of an action.
  15. Sit Up Play (without arches) - When baby is able to sit on his own, remove the arches from the mat and use the mat as a "discovery island". Baby's can continue to learn and develop new skills by interacting with the toys and mat at 6+ months: Peek-a-boo flap develops object permanence awareness, crinkle in flap develops cause and effect awareness, hanging toys help discover what she can do and control.

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