80109 Bumpy Ball

bumpy ball

Inspire Touch

Age: 6+ months

  • Bright colors and bold patterns help engage baby's developing sense of vision
  • Larger version of smaller bumpy ball 
  • Easy-to-grasp bumps help baby hold and toss or roll the ball.
  • Clear plastic ends contain multiple color beads that make rattle noise and attract attention with variety of color.
  • Soft ball construction is appropriate for baby's environment.


Developmental Insights

Fine Motor Skills

Development of fine motor skills involves planning and motor speed, visual tracking, reaching, object manipulation and grasping. From about 6 months, babies will begin to demonstrate these fine motor skills. The Sassy Bumpy Ball has been designed to help baby with all of the developmental skills.

Gross Motor Skills

Development of gross motor skills include movement of the limbs and torso. Physical coordination such as sitting on own, whole body movement including locomotion and coordination, balance and motor planning are all involved in development of gross motor skills.


Interaction Ideas

Sit on the floor with baby across from you, it is fun to extend your legs and have baby extend legs to touch your feet together. Push the Sassy Bumpy Ball to baby in a pretend roll. Encourage baby to reach and grasp the ball and push it back.

Encourage baby to grasp the bumps and "toss" the ball to you. The bright colors are designed to engage baby's developing sense of vision as motor skills are emerging.


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