80107 Rock and Roll Ring Stacker

Inspire Hearing

Age: 6+ Months

Sort, stack, rock and roll!

  • Helps develop gross motor skills, such as crawling, as well as logic and math skills
  • Largest ring can be placed on top to allow the ring stacker to roll
  • Domed bottom gives toy a wobbly motion when placed on hard surface
  • Other rings are molded in bold colors and different textures
  • Plastic ball rattles and snaps on top of stacker for convenient storage


Developmental Insights

As baby grows, so do the number of activities he can participate in. By playing with a stacker that rolls in a straight line, baby is challenged to learn how to crawl.

Interaction Ideas

Sit on the floor with baby and show him how to stack the rings with the smallest at the bottom and the ball popped into the top. Once baby has knocked this over once or twice, re-stack the rings so that the largest is on the top. Pop the ball back into the top, and roll the toy back and forth between you and baby.

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