80099 Sensory Ball Set

Inspire Touch

Age: 3+ months

  • High-contrast patterns help promote development of baby's vision.
  • Graspable areas allow baby and parent to shake toy and introduce rhythms.
  • Different textures provide variation to the play experience.
  • Set of 3 balls: 1 plush, 1 hard plastic with rattle, 1 soft textured plastic


Developmental Insight

From the very first day of life, babies are sensitive to the overall melody and rhythm of spoken language. By two or three months, they can then apply these skills to all sounds, recognizing changes in tempo and rhythm. By eight months, babies can even keep track of pitch.




 Interaction Ideas

Shake a ball to let baby hear the rattle inside; then shake a rhythm with it. You can even sing along! Show baby how to squeeze the fabric ball and hear it crinkle. Then give a ball to baby and let her try.


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