80057 Flip & Grip Rattle

Inspire Fascination

Age: 3+ Months

  • Encourages baby to make believe & imitate adults
    - Phone flips open and closed encouraging fine motor skills
    - 4 colorful buttons "talk" to baby to develop cause-and-effect awareness
    - Light in center attracts baby's attention and offers visual stimulus
    Two lightweight rattles
  • High-contrast patterns stimulate vision
  • Textured handles stimulate grasping
  • Floating beads make rattle sounds to attract baby's attention
  • Providing variety to baby at a young age develops critical brain-wiring for a lifetime


Developmental Insight

By 4 months of age baby will begin to use her eyes to coordinate her hands movements.


Interaction Idea

Spin the flipper ball to show baby how the pattern and mirror rotate. Shake to hear a rattle.

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