80042 Pop n' Push Car


Inspire Exploration

Age: 6+ Months

  • Encourages baby to make believe & imitate adults
    - Phone flips open and closed encouraging fine motor skills
    - 4 colorful buttons "talk" to baby to develop cause-and-effect awareness
    - Light in center attracts baby's attention and offers visual stimulus
    Helps develop motor skills, crawling
  • Pop-up beads introduce concept of cause & effect
  • Pull back and release powers car to go
  • Soft, rounded car body is safe in baby's environment


Developmental Insight

Baby's new skills are formed through the gradual process of combining simpler tasks. Turning head can lead to rolling over, to pulling up, and finally crawling... all with practice!


Interaction Idea

Pull the car back and watch with baby as it races away. Laugh with him as the beads pop-pop-pop in the top of the car. Encourage baby to crawl after the car.

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