30124 First Solids Feeding Bowl with Spoon

Inspire Independence

Age: 4+ Months

  • Ergonomic shaped bowl offers a variety of single-handed grips for the caregiver
  • 2 divided compartments keep foods separate
  • Snap-on lid for portablity
  • Includes Sassy Transitional Feeding Spoon
  • Assorted boy/girl colors

Your baby knows when you feel confident. The Sassy First Solids Feeding Bowl with Spoon has an ergonomic shape that fits easily in your hand so you can concentrate on feeding your baby. Dual compartments keep foods separate so you won't need to swithc bowls or jars to change flavors. A snap-on lid and matching spoon allows you to take meals anywhere and know you'll be prepared.


Caregiver Feeding

Your baby begins to learn about flexibility and adaptation with the introduction of new foods. One at a a time, a variety of textures, tastes and smells are important for your baby's cognitive development. Sassy caregiver feeding products are designed to allow your baby to concentrate on the food and not the utensil. They also provide you wtih the convenience that allows you to concentrate on your baby.

Product available in assorted colors.

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